call-for-dental-appointmentHow do potential patients find you?

Most people search on their laptop, tab or phone to find a dentist. They might ask a family member, friend or coworker - then search online to learn more about you. If they are over 75, they will probably use the Yellow Pages.

What terms are used when searching for a dentist?

dental-website-responsive-designMost results show a specific treatment: whitening, Invisalign, Implants, veneers... or "dentist" and "location". If they were referred, and remember, they may enter your name.

So, the question to ask yourself is... When they search online, will your practice show up? Will it be on the front page? If not, you won't be clicked on, and they will select your competitor. Our mission, at Red Star Marketing, is to make sure they click on you! 



Your dental website needs a serious overhaul

Whether you noticed or someone brought it to your attention… it is time to update your website. Perhaps, it looks old, has no functionality, or when searched it can't be found.20 Dental  Website  Design Tips

An old dental website conveys to a prospective patient that your practice may not be up-to-date. These 20 tips will help - download here:

Get your basic questions answered about updating your site

So, you are in charge of the new dental website. Now what?

So, you have the daunting task of researching dental websites and finding the best solution for your practice. You need the website to do everything the dentist, employees and patients expect at a reasonable cost.7 Steps to Dental Practice  Marketing Success

An understanding of how the internet has changed dental marketing will help - download your copy here:

Go here for answers to these and many other website questions


Now that your dental website is built, how do you get patients to find it? 

Ever watch "Field of Dreams"? Unfortunately, just because you build Dental-website-marketinga new dental website, doesn't mean they will come.

If your goal is to attract new patients, you need to market your website.

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